One Retail Business Intelligence Technology

Meet the power behind the planning: the state-of-the-art software that empowers us. Retail ORBIT® is a hub of critical information. It’s one of the best cash planning tools ever developed for retail. With the ability to provide on-demand reporting. Housing an enormous database that spots trends. And with logic that builds growth and seizes opportunities.

It’s been tested and proven, down to every last detail. By opening a window to the future, Retail ORBIT® allows us to be proactive. And you reap the benefits.

Over a century ago, Russell Conwell gained prominence for lecturing across the country about finding “acres of diamonds” in your own back yard. He tried to motivate people to think about opportunities that are all around them. At Management One™, we embrace that idea and, with the help of Retail ORBIT®, we open your eyes to the possibilities –the “acres of diamonds” – right in your own back yard.