One Retail Business Intelligence Technology

Merchandise intelligence, right at your fingertips

Meet the power behind Management One’s industry-leading inventory and OTB planning: Retail ORBIT.

Retail ORBIT is, in short, one of the best cash planning tools ever developed for retail. Interactive and dynamic on every page, Retail ORBIT makes it easy to drill down deep into your data for actionable insights you simply can’t get anywhere else.

The result of decades of experience in independent retail, Management One’s merchandise planning solutions are trusted by hundreds of top independent retailers across the globe. Retail ORBIT is your window into that planning, and the view is positively panoramic.

Dynamic dashboards let you visualize your sales, inventory, markdowns, and much more. On-demand, interactive reporting provides a comprehensive view of how your business, locations, and inventory classes are performing over time. By making your data accessible, customizable, and organized for impact, Retail ORBIT helps you meet every challenge and take advantage of every opportunity.